Mesh for MMA cages

Mesh for Mixed Martial Arts

MMA chain link fencing

MMA, or Mixed Martial Arts, began in Brazil and became popular in the United States in the 1990s, when the first UFC tournaments were organised, bringing this fighting style to international prominence.

The sport, which is growing rapidly, involves a contest between fighters with a background in various martial arts and fighting styles, to identify the most effective technique in a real fight.

The competitions normally use a a black heavy duty chain-link fenced enclosure, made with 4 mm diameter wire, as a safety barrier.

Retinova is one of the few Italian companies that produces mesh for MMA cages, made with certified raw materials with no melted-down recycled scrap, so as to ensure safety and maximum strength.

Contact our factory in Cotignola, in the province of Ravenna, to ask for technical specifications and a quote for one of our Mixed Martial Arts cages .

Our staff will explain our products and professional services in detail.

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