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The history of Retinova

wire drawing

The history of Retinova is deeply rooted in the province of Ravenna.

Our company has been mentioned in a cultural publication edited by CNA and by the Confartigianato Provincial Association of Ravenna, an extract of which is presented below.

Primo Nensor during wire production
(Cotignola 1980s)

Primo Nensor started his business in 1968 as an employee of the Retinova company in Bagnara, which specialised in the production of wire mesh. In 1975, the company was absorbed by Metalplast of Cotignola, but ten years later it discontinued its wire production. Nensor then started his own business specialising in the production of chain-link mesh, and called it Retinova. He has taught the trade to his children, to whom he handed over the business in 2010.

Excerpt from the book "Made by hand: craft trades in Cotignola", 2011

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